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Certified NOAA POD Chart Partner

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation Print on Demand (POD) nautical charts are produced under the authority of the National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  NOAA is the national hydrographic office for the United States of America.  The data from which these POD chart are produced is certified by NOAA for navigation use.  POD charts meet the requirements for the mandatory carriage of nautical charts established by the U.S. Coast Guard and published in Titles 33 and 46, Code of Federal Regulations, including the requirements for updating.

Chart Paper

Williams & Heintz Map offers the POD Charts on two durable and water resistant kinds of paper:

24 lb. JCP E-20 High Wet Strength Map Paper, a white paper with a lithographic finish that is made to be used out in the elements. This economical paper is fully functional even when wet.

36 lb. JCP E-50 Chart Paper, genuine 50% cotton nautical chart paper, the same kind of paper as the lithographically printed charts that mariners are accustomed to.

Print on Demand

NOAA has authorized Williams & Heintz Map Corporation to sell NOAA’s paper nautical charts that are printed when the customer orders them, or “on demand.” The information on the charts is still maintained by NOAA, and the charts are corrected with Notices to Mariners up to the week of purchase.

We print the charts at Super Fine – 1440 x 720 DPI, up to 64 inches wide, on a G7 calibrated wide-format printer.

Williams & Heintz uses no toxic solvent inks or dangerous UV processes.

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Better Methods for Better Maps, since 1921

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation has been printing maps and nautical charts for entrepreneurs, government agencies, and map publishers for over 93 years.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

Map Production

We have the staff, software and equipment to handle all aspects of cartography and map production. Our large library of software titles can accommodate the processing and editing of any customer-provided final files.

We are also able to create new maps by utilizing files output from a GIS environment, integrating such data with accompanying text and graphics (photographs, logos, street indexes, tables, etc.) into a clean, publication-quality layout.

Long Term

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation has been printing maps for entrepreneurs, government agencies, and map publishers for over 93 years. We combine the highest quality pre-press, printing, and folding with industry leading knowledge and customer service.


Williams & Heintz understands the importance of building and maintaining a cleaner environment and aims to contribute in as many ways possible throughout our map production and printing cycle.

We are continuously improving elements in our map making and printing process to produce the same high quality custom maps with far less negative impact on the environment.


At Williams & Heintz, we can assist you with any aspect of map production and manufacturing, from the simplest 1-color map to the most complicated 12-color map, from 3″ x 5″ to 47 ¼ ” x 63″. Send us your digital files, or films and camera copy.

We welcome your difficult reproduction problems and complex technical maps as well as simpler jobs. All will get the same care and attention to detail that maps require, at a competitive price.